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Weleda is established in Switzerland in 1921 by the Dutch medical doctor Ita Wegman and the renowned phylosopher Rudolf Stеiner. Since its creation, the company has gradually developed medical products, food supplements and cosmetics.  As of today, the brand is present on five continents, and its 90-year history transforms it into one of the most widely-used bio-cosmetic brands in the world.
The cosmetic products of Weleda are produced in modern facilities with special attention to the selection of raw materials. Large part of the used plants, as for example the calendula, are grown in Weleda-owned bio-controlled gardens. The ingredients are optimally combined and extremely tolerant to the skin, they DO NOT contain synthetic preservatives, colorants and fragrances.
Nature and the human organism are based on the same principles of existence. On this basis, WELEDA creates body and face cares, which act holistically. The well-balanced textures support the healthy balance, tolerating the vital processes of the whole organism.
With care for the Nature and your Health!

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