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Years of experience and dedication

For over 50 years and throughout the world, the name MAVALA has become synonymous with quality thanks to its specific and high performing skin care and beauty products, elaborated from MAVALA’s scientific Laboratories, concentrating their efforts on innovation and search for perfection.

Nail and hand care

MAVALA offers a complete range of products that provide solutions to numerous problems of hand and nail care and beauty. With its constant urge for innovation and customer satisfaction, MAVALA continues to develop new products to respond to your every need. Wheter you suffer from brittle, fragile nails, ragged cuticles, dry hands or even if you have the unpleasant habit of nail biting, MAVALA has the right solution. Furthermore, MAVALA offers a product for naturally stimulating the thickening and growth of eyelashes.


Combination of training, technical impeccable products and more than 50 years of experience is what makes Mavala Switzerland a leader in its sector. Today, as in the past, all the products are manufactured in Geneva following rigorous norms and impeccable quality demands.